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Our experienced team can help you find the perfect seafood product for your needs.  We also offer delivery options to make sure you get the seafood you need when you need it.

Red snapper.JPG

Common Name:   American red snapper, Red snapper, Caribbean red snapper, Mexican snapper

Flavor:  Mild

Texture: Medium


Product Information:

Red snapper is lean and moist, with a sweetly mild but distinctive flavor. The texture is lean but moist. The superb taste of this fish is evidenced by the number of other types of fish that, with just the slightest hint of red, masquerade in the marketplace as “red” snapper.The semi-firm meat is pinkish, with yellow tones, in a raw state, turning somewhat lighter when cooked. The trademark skin is a deep red along the back, fading to a pinkish-red underside. To aid in identification, domestic American red snapper is almost always sold with the skin on.

Global Supply:

Mexico, United States

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